Imagine a world where towering stacks of paper permits and coffee-stained reports no longer overwhelm EHS processes.  Instead, the Permit-to-Work process is 100% digital, which means that it is also:

  • transparent and clear
  • risk-free and error-preventive
  • scalable and manageable
  • includes KPIs and data-driven
  • lean and effective

Moreover, imagine if every party involved in the Permit-to-Work process is engaged in continuous improvement, contributing their knowledge, sharing their experience, and uniting with colleagues around taking responsibility for their safety and effectiveness at work.

Unite-Permit to Work software is a digital solution that checks all the boxes!

Global Permit-to-Work solution matching shopfloor needs

Unite-Permit to Work is a comprehensive professional software designed to serve manufacturing teams all over the globe in their ambitions to achieve Operational Safety Excellence, working:

  • in 30 + countries
  • on 20 + languages
  • at 500 + plants

Handing out and processing 1,500,000 Permits a year in total, Unite-Permit to Work streamlines operations, helps to prevent incidents, and makes the day-to-day lives of people easier.

For over 20 years, Unite-Permit to Work has developed and accommodated the knowledge from the leaders of the hazardous manufacturing industries’ approaches to safety and operational excellence.

The knowledge, expertise, and best practices are included in the content and process flows of the highly configurable software.

This allows teams all over the world to start improving their Permit-to-Work process at a higher level immediately and to configure it to fit their unique situations in the most relevant way.

“We were looking for a program, but what we got was a program but also a way of thinking and a way of working, which was a bonus for me.”​

Rob van den Heuvel 


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about Unite-Permit to Work

Are you ready to elevate your Permit-to-Work to the next level of Safety and Efficiency and go fully digital? Check out the Permit-to-Work solution by Unite-X.

Read the brochure below to find out more about the product. In the brochure, you will read about:

  • various cases of implementations
  • data-driven approached
  • results delivered to global clients
  • how the infrastructure of Operational Safety Excellence tools looks like

You will also learn about the implementation process of the Unite-Permit to Work.

Interested to learn more about Unite-Permit to Work capabilities?

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The brochure will give you a brief overview of the application of the Operational Safety Excellence domain to the Permit-to-Work process. It will also explain how Unite-X enables your company to operate at a higher level both in safety and productivity.

We are also ready to provide you with the necessary documentation and guide you through the stages of realizing your safety ambitions within the organization, business unit, or plant upon request.

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