Situational awareness with Unite-LoToTo

Unite-LoToTo is part of the Unite-X safety platform to align production steps, roles, responsibilities, and communication into a smooth operational flow.

Unite-LoToTo max performance
  • Use standard tags and templates
  • Reach alignment between teams
  • Monitor the current situation in real-time
  • Signal status changes
  • Transfer knowledge
  • Generate actionable data

Lean and safe LoToTo process

Unite-LoToTo combines best practices from industry leaders’ experience with domain knowledge, expertise, and technology. This approach helps to elevate both safety levels and production effectiveness by:

  • Smooth and smart, fully digital process
  • Assuring the four-eyes principle
  • Providing reports and analysis
  • Enabling excellent communication between shifts
  • Captures lessons learned for future improvements

Unite-LoToTo is an integrating part of the Unite-X safety platform, compatible with Unite-Permit to Work for enhanced effectiveness of safety procedures.

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Unite-LoToTo: frequently asked questions

A ‘Lockout/Tagout’ is a well-known way to protect employees from injury when performing maintenance or servicing equipment.

Below, we answer the most common questions about Unite-LoToTo.

What is LoToTo?

LoToTo (Lock Out, Tag Out, Try Out) is a sequence of steps performed to ensure machinery is isolated and safe before maintenance or repair actions are taken. LoToTo procedure is crucial to assure that machines stay switched off while people repair or maintain them and thus that people are not accidentally hurt.

What is different about Unite-LoToTo?

Unite-LoToTo employs the knowledge possessed by the Unite-X team during 20 years of serving industry leaders. The Unite-LoToTo module is developed to improve your organization’s safety performance by creating clarity and uniformity in the process’s steps, roles, responsibilities, and communication lines.

Unite-LoToTo is grounded on the idea to combine maximal safety with lean manufacturing principles to help plants to achieve Operational Safety Excellence.

Sites that implemented the Unite-LoToTo experience processes quality elevation, unification of safeguarding principles across the organization, improved communication amongst all parties involved.

What departments use Unite-LoToTo?

Unite-LoToTo connects people in maintenance and production positions by showing safety status at all times, including which equipment parts are locked down, which energy sources are shut down, what has been checked by production, which safeguards are reversed, and so on.

Can Unite-LoToTo roll out be executed globally?

Yes, Unite-LoToTo is a global solution. Every plant will use the same LoToTo processes, resulting in improved and comparable processes. Unite-X solutions are already implemented in more than five hundred plants, across five continents, with over fifty thousand users.

Read global rollout success stories here.

How is Unite-LoToTo implemented?

Each project starts off with a KPI measurement, which is the baseline for project success and future improvements. Everyone in the process, from management to the shop floor, takes responsibility.

The implementation of Unite-LoToTo can be completed within eight weeks. During this period, key users learn how to configure Unite-X and a project team is engaged and trained.

Unite-LoToTo helps ensure success by implementing best practices.

To find out more about the process of implementation, contact us here.

How is success guaranteed?

Engaging your team in the best way to ensure the success of Unite-LoToTo. Our implementation method is developed to quickly create an energized and skilled team that can rapidly onboard the rest of your organization. Baseline measurements, remeasurements, and smart KPIs will give you input to continuously improve.

To learn more about the results and successes of Unite-LoToTo, please contact one of our experts.

Where can I find information about the Unite-LoToTo method and results?

Our experienced consultants are more than happy to send you our documentation, fact sheets, or demonstrate our solution to you.

Please fill the contact form and we will get in touch with you soon.

Learn more about the Unite-X safety platform

The Unite-X platform consists of flexible software solutions that help you achieve Operational Safety Excellence.

The global rollout of Unite-LoToTo

Unite-LoToTo adds uniformity to your processes while keeping global backgrounds, cultures, languages, work processes, and different perspectives in mind.

Unite-X rollouts start by measuring a KPI baseline to demonstrate the extent of future improvements and project success.

Rolling out Unite-LoToTo globally creates high levels of engagement for all parties involved, establishes a global safety standard, and spreads a safety culture.

Global benefits of Unite-LoToTo:

  • Transparent expectations and goals
  • Higher safety levels
  • Uniform processes and communication
  • Increased engagement
  • Clear performance measurement
  • Better data analysis

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What clients say

Support DSM UniteX
Jaap de Bruin


"I am amazed to see how quickly people are able to organize and execute this process. Unite-X created an excellent method to realize that."

Aldo Meertens


"Again and again Unite-X helps to increase safety and safety awareness."

Support DSM UniteX
Aneth Boozer


“This supplier embodies what we look for in a true partnership and sets the standard for what we would like all of our suppliers to achieve.”

Support Janssen UniteX
Patrick Custers

Janssen Biologics

"Once it has all been implemented, their system also ensures that we can see how well we actually carry out that process, so that we can proactively improve on the basis of the key figures (KPIs) that the system provides us with."

Rob van den Heuvel


"We were looking for a program but what we got was a program but also a way of thinking and a way of working, which was a bonus for me."

Support DSM UniteX
Yan Linhua


"System stability has been improved a lot, speed and performance have also been improved. Response from the Unite Support Team is also fast. Great! The system can clearly see all planned tasks, which is beneficial for effective planning of follow-up operations. Monthly KPI review and follow-up can indeed help continuous improvement."

Support DSM UniteX
Matthew Kirchner


"The Unite system is user-friendly and continuously improves with our user feedback. Unite Support Team members quickly respond in case of issues or questions. Rule implementation and the 4-eye requirements solved some of our site issues and significantly reduced errors."

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