Operationally excellent and incident-free work environment with Unite-Permit to Work

No matter how competent is your Permit to Work process, the job is done by people and for people. And people are your most valuable asset.

Unite-Permit to Work is the best-in-class digital solution for managing permitting processes embraced by plant teams of more than 500 manufacturing organizations all over the globe. It helps to manage permit handouts, supporting and directing people to follow the leanest and safest path.

Embraced by the team


  • Acceptance, alignment, and agreement
  • Ownership and readiness to take responsibility
  • Continuous improvement

Lean flow


  • Every step is value-adding
  • No stops, no overburden
  • Operationally excellent

Maximized safety


  • Situational awareness
  • All hazards captured, all control measures listed
  • 100% compliance achieved

We at Unite-X are experts in making processes operationally excellent and safe. We strongly believe that when it comes to such a complex process as Permit-to-Work, the “no paper” strategy should be only applied to the improved process. Otherwise, old imperfections and hurdles will slow down digitalization, creating a “snowball effect” and decreasing the chance for success.

Unite-Permit to Work introduces organizations to frameworks and tools that allow realizing plants’ safety processes digitalization ambitions fast and smoothly.

Efficient production under the safest circumstances

The Unite-Permit to Work software solution contains the best practices and developed intuitive flows to help people to manage their Permit-to-Work process in the most optimal way.

It leads teams through the shortest and safest path while making sure all elements of an effective process are tackled:

  • Planning: jobs performed on time with an ability to adapt to changing circumstances
  • Compliance: rules are followed, and agreements are stuck to
  • Quality: the flow is smooth, no operational waste in the process
  • Design: the process is transparent and scalable
  • KPIs: the process is measurable at all stages

Combined with the Operational Safety Excellence expertise of Unite-X, Unite-Permit to Work equips your team with a decent toolset to operate in a risk-free environment.

Award-winning safety software matching your needs

Unite-Permit to Work is a robust software system that helps to meet the challenges of people who take care of safety in hazardous manufacturing. It also has a lot to offer to Lean experts and Continuous Improvements specialists, as it uncovers a new area of potential improvement.

In this brochure, prepared by Unite-X experts, you will:

  • Read about common challenges people at different organizational levels and roles face in the Permit-to-Work process
  • Explore offered solutions both from Safety and Effectiveness perspectives
  • Sneak peek at Unite-Permit to Work functionality
  • Evaluate achieved measurable results and benefits

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What clients say

Support DSM UniteX
Jaap de Bruin


"I am amazed to see how quickly people are able to organize and execute this process. Unite-X created an excellent method to realize that."

Aldo Meertens


"Again and again Unite-X helps to increase safety and safety awareness."

Support DSM UniteX
Aneth Boozer


“This supplier embodies what we look for in a true partnership and sets the standard for what we would like all of our suppliers to achieve.”

Support Janssen UniteX
Patrick Custers

Janssen Biologics

"Once it has all been implemented, their system also ensures that we can see how well we actually carry out that process, so that we can proactively improve on the basis of the key figures (KPIs) that the system provides us with."

Rob van den Heuvel


"We were looking for a program but what we got was a program but also a way of thinking and a way of working, which was a bonus for me."

Support DSM UniteX
Yan Linhua


"System stability has been improved a lot, speed and performance have also been improved. Response from the Unite Support Team is also fast. Great! The system can clearly see all planned tasks, which is beneficial for effective planning of follow-up operations. Monthly KPI review and follow-up can indeed help continuous improvement."

Support DSM UniteX
Matthew Kirchner


"The Unite system is user-friendly and continuously improves with our user feedback. Unite Support Team members quickly respond in case of issues or questions. Rule implementation and the 4-eye requirements solved some of our site issues and significantly reduced errors."

Rolling out Unite-Permit to Work globally

Global organizations constantly face inconsistencies and variations in how people manage safety on sites. This happens due to a variety of reasons, from local legislation specifications to leadership styles and cultural differences.

Over twenty years, leading manufacturing organizations have relied on Unite-X to roll out Unite-Permit to Work solutions globally to spread their safety culture and high standards further.

Unite-X leverages global rollout implementation frameworks that create clarity and unity across all parts, plants, and business units and thus ensure a global safety standard.

A secret of a successful global rollout by Unite-X:

  • A unified approach while embracing local differences
  • Uniformity in communication while engaging people
  • Global benchmarking enabled by measurability

Get inspired by success stories of global rollouts


Find below answers to the most common questions about the Unite-Permit to Work software seen from the perspective of the Operational Safety Excellence principles.

What is Permit to Work?

A Permit to Work is a life-saving rule, a document authorizing workers to perform a job following standard procedures that helps protect workers’ health, safety and the environment.

The permit includes information about the safety precautions required to perform the job.

This definition is related to compliance: ensuring all the jobs are done according to the SHE rules and government regulations.

What are the types of Permit to Work?

The types of Permits to Work depend on the nature of the hazards of the job that need to be performed: hot work, electric work, work at height, work in confined spaces, etc.

Each type has specific precautions required to perform the job safely and warns workers about potential hazards.

Other permit-to-work classifications include high- and low-risk permits, paper or digital permits, etc.

What PTW system is required by Operational Safety Excellence domain?

To achieve Operational Safety Excellence, Permit to Work process should be:

  • Lean, when the process contains a minimum amount of operational waste and gets improved.
  • Standardized, when permits are handled by using pre-defined templates, by default compliant with corporate regulations.
  • Measurable, when strong, data-driven actions form the basis for good, efficient decision-making.

Who benefits from the effective Permit to Work process?

Effective Permit to Work process brings benefits to:

  • Safety of the plant by ensuring maximal compliance and capturing all necessary hazards and safety measures
  • Cost efficiency of the plant by supporting effective resource planning, eliminating operational waste, and smooth flows.
  • People engagement by eliminating unevenness and overburden, providing support and education, and thus improving work motivation.

Why companies need to digitalize Permit to Work?

Among other benefits, the digital Permit to Work system allows comprehensive control over the plant, including:

  • Real-time updates and actual situation overviews to the entire team
  • Ability to attach additional informational documents and work instructions to a permit
  • Ability to involve and reach all necessary parties simultaneously
  • A full overview of permits, their status, and their history
  • Ability to close the loop of learning and re-use the best practices.

What is an example of the robust Permit to Work software?

With the proven implementation framework, Permit to Work software by Unite-X supports and educates production teams to ensure organizations elevate towards Operational Safety Excellence by means of digital tools.

We utilize industry knowledge, team effort, and digital tools to ensure a smooth implementation process. Read more about how the Unite-X Permit to Work software here.

Online Safe Work Permit Management platform: learn more

Unite-Permit to Work is an integrated module of the Unite-X safety management software. The Unite-X platform consists of flexible software solutions to optimize and control operations under Operational Safety Excellence principles.

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