Unite-Safety Platform Infrastructure

An integrated part of the Unite-X platform aimed to align corporate and local actions on the way towards Operational Safety Excellence.

The Unite-X aggregates all safety process data in one place. The platform infrastructure consists of data and project management add-ons for further optimization and control over operations, supporting stakeholders in their decisions.

The flexible and smart suite covers all necessary safety management domains making Unite-X a comprehensive enterprise solution.

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KPIs Unite-x

Safety processes KPIs

The goal of Unite-X implementation projects is to create measurable results in both safety and operational performance.

Unite-X decomposes every safety process into a variety of topics and captures KPIs grouped around these topics.

This approach allows organizations to always stay on top of each process and take necessary actions based on data.

Global Standard Management

The Unite-X software contains all necessary tools to keep corporate standards up-to-date and immediately available for the system users.

Thus it allows keeping unity across corporate units on a decent level, making the safety processes effective and compliant.

Corporate standard management
Task Management

Task Management

The module allows to keep a track of the current situation on the plant, showing immediately the current status of operation and available resources.

This simplifies planning and control processes and streamlines communication between production units.

Central User Management

The module allows to quickly and simply manage roles of the system users involved in safety processes, according to their responsibilities and relationships to the plant.

Center User Management
Plant Breakdown Structure

Plant Breakdown Structure

A visual and intuitive way to get a holistic picture of the current status of the plant from top to bottom.

Gained visibility allows to speed up operations, to reduce unnecessary time spent and to provide clarity for every party involved.

Safety Platform Infrastructure

Safety Platform Infrastructure

Smart management add-ons to enable sharing corporate standards, gaining process visibility, and performing data-driven decisions.

Safety Execution Modules UniteX

Safety Execution Modules

The toolset of automatizations for executing safety processes enhanced by industry leaders’ best practices, impacted by lean methodology principles, and high expertise consultancy.

High-end consultancy unitex

Safety Compliance Modules

A complete guide of standardized actions for people in plants to take appropriate steps according to their roles, responsibilities, and established communication lines.

What clients say

Support DSM UniteX
Jaap de Bruin


"I am amazed to see how quickly people are able to organize and execute this process. Unite-X created an excellent method to realize that."

Aldo Meertens


"Again and again Unite-X helps to increase safety and safety awareness."

Support DSM UniteX
Aneth Boozer


“This supplier embodies what we look for in a true partnership and sets the standard for what we would like all of our suppliers to achieve.”

Support Janssen UniteX
Patrick Custers

Janssen Biologics

"Once it has all been implemented, their system also ensures that we can see how well we actually carry out that process, so that we can proactively improve on the basis of the key figures (KPIs) that the system provides us with."

Rob van den Heuvel


"We were looking for a program but what we got was a program but also a way of thinking and a way of working, which was a bonus for me."

Support DSM UniteX
Yan Linhua


"System stability has been improved a lot, speed and performance have also been improved. Response from the Unite Support Team is also fast. Great! The system can clearly see all planned tasks, which is beneficial for effective planning of follow-up operations. Monthly KPI review and follow-up can indeed help continuous improvement."

Support DSM UniteX
Matthew Kirchner


"The Unite system is user-friendly and continuously improves with our user feedback. Unite Support Team members quickly respond in case of issues or questions. Rule implementation and the 4-eye requirements solved some of our site issues and significantly reduced errors."

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