PRESS RELEASE: IB&X continues as Unite-X

24th August 2021, Netherlands

iB&X, creator of the award-winning safety and efficiency platform, continues under the name Unite-X.  

After more than twenty years of operating in the field of Operational Safety Excellence (OSE), the company decided it was time for a new era, represented by a new image covering both their company and product name.


Unite-X (previously iB&X) started under the name iBanx in 2000, operating as consultants in the field of safety within large-scaled industries. But quickly, it was recognized there was so much more to learn and improve in this specific field, merging safety and other fields. Watch the video about the timeline of Unite-X.  

Later, iBanx changed into iB&X, with a more specialized approach towards safety and operational efficiency. As pioneers in the field, where Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE/EHS) was the most organizations’ primary focus, more and more companies noticed the benefits of the zero-incident solution when combining safety with operational excellence.  


Now, more than twenty years later, it has been shown that making a true impact needs a vision, expertise, knowledge, and courage. It became also obvious that applying lean methodologies to safety processes helps manufacturing organizations to unlock new potential for continuous improvement. 

 Within all the developments the company has made in the last two decades (worldwide representation, reaching 8-week implementation, and winning the DSM award for Indirect Best Overall Supplier (, the organization decided it was time for a new era, including a new brand name as well: Unite-X. 

This is how Barbro Stalbrink, the director of Unite-X comments on the new name: “Unite stands for the way our company works. We unite people and we also unite safety with operational efficiency. We strongly believe in a certain way of thinking in which we unite the strongest parts of different fields and make a difference.” Watch the movie of director Barbro Stalbrink to learn more about why we chose the name Unite-X here.  

Sjoerd Nanninga, director of Unite-X Asia, comments on the X part of the name:

“The X represents the true action (‘there where it really happens’), but also implicates decisions based on real data and made by people who are at the X, people who are actually involved in the X.” 

(Read his article about the X-Factor here).

Rob van den Heuvel (SABIC): 

“We were looking for a program. But what we got was a program, but also a way of thinking and a way of working, which was a bonus for me.” 

Unite-X has developed into a worldwide leader in operating in the field of Operational Safety Excellence (OSE). This domain is created by Unite-X experts, covering the industry knowledge about how to balance production efficiency with working environment safety. It focuses on continuous process improvement by embedding safety execution, safety control, and safety assurance in the heart of operations.